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Hi, I'm Venaya

Like my fellow writers, I am a Sixth Form student, currently studying Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Spanish. As a prospective medical student my first 3 A level options tend to fly under the radar, but the mention of Spanish often raises a few eyebrows. I have always loved language and I think that being able to speak a foreign language has broadened my perspectives and allowed me to develop many skills.

Apart from my passions academically, I am an ardent believer in the importance of mental health and have gotten involved in leadership and training programmes involving the betterment of wellbeing in my school community. Otherwise, you will find me spending my free time trying out yoga videos on YouTube, obsessing over a new celebrity crush, or baking the same recipe of chocolate chip cookies over and over again.

My hope to become a doctor in the future wasn't an epiphany moment and gradually built as my love for science grew - especially my fascination with the complexities of the human body. Being involved in planning a charity fair and other community service activities throughout my life has allowed me to appreciate and experience how gratifying giving back to the community can be. Given the mix of these two circumstances, I look forward to pursuing a career in healthcare and hope this blog just allows me to understand the medical field more deeply and with more perspective than before

Hi, I'm Zuairia 

Currently, I am a Year 12 student studying AS Level Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Business Studies. I remember reading about Ana Aslan couple of years ago. She was a physician in the '80s when medicine was not a field of work for most women. Despite of having zero support from her family, she persevered and became a nurse, attending to soldiers during the First World War. Her determination inspired me to explore medicine, and now, medicine is all I can think about! 


Since childhood, I have been involved in lots of community service activities. The feeling of giving back to the community therefore acted as a determinant when I was deciding if I should study medicine or not. As an aspiring medic, I am very thrilled by the idea of working alongside other healthcare professionals. Even though the pathway to being a doctor is becoming increasingly difficult, I believe that the rewards can outweigh the challenges - the satisfaction of meeting or exceeding a patient's expectations is unexplainably wonderful. Within medicine, neurosurgery is the speciality that interests me the most as I am amazed by how the neurological system of our bodies work in conjuction with the other systems.  


In my spare time, I like to draw as it helps me maximise my ability to concentrate on tasks for a long time. Besides that, I love dancing to Dua Lipa's uplifting songs whenever I am sad or stressed. Future Nostalgia is by far my favourite album, do give it a listen!

Hi, I'm Carlotta

As of now, I am also a student studying 6th form in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Most of my great interests stem from the subjects I am currently learning- Chemistry, Mathematics, Physical Education and Art. Outside of that, I deeply enjoy anything culinary and representing my school in multiple sports. 


I have always had an insatiable curiosity for the field of healthcare, where taking Chemistry in school has definitely cultivated an allurement towards drugs and chemical synthesis. Whether it was just picking up nasal spray from the retail pharmacy, or going to the hospital for a quick consultation, I always enjoyed observing what happened in curative environments.


Joining this team to produce this insightful blog was an indisputable decision. As potential applicants in the medical field and as young scientists, I am thrilled to see how this opportunity will help us thrive into a dedicated circle. I am hopeful that this is my step forward into making a difference in the world; gaining the ability to influence someone’s life outside talking about disease in a world of healing.

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